Cystic Hygroma

Dealing with cystic hygroma
It is the pride of every mother to deliver a healthy baby with no birth defects at all. A cystic hygroma is referred to as a mass that in most cases shows up in the head or the neck. In several cases that such a situation is experienced, you will notice that the cystic hygroma actually occurred during the time the baby is developing and growing in the mother’s womb. It is very sad and disheartening to experience such situations. But then no one truly wishes for anything bad to happen to their baby during pregnancy.

Cystic Hygroma may appear just as a single cyst or it can multiply to several cysts. Most of these cysts are normally cavities that are filled with fluids. How this condition affects some parents is different from how it can affect others. In certain conditions you are likely to notice a webbed neck and sometimes even the cyst can grow very big, in fact bigger than the fetus. Such cases can lead to death of the fetus due to lack of sufficient breathing space. In order to identify cystic hygroma it is therefore very important for any mother out there to go for ultrasounds during their pregnancy.
Cystic Hygroma
Several environmental and genetic factors are the major causes of a cystic hygroma. Most mothers who abuse alcohol during their pregnancy are bound to experience such a condition. That is why most medical experts usually warn their pregnant patients to avoid alcohol consumption at all costs. On the other hand, maternal infections are also a major contributing factor to cystic hygroma. Such infects have very high chances of developing any defects at birth. It is very important for a pregnant mother to be cautious during her pregnancy so that they can actually give birth with no problems.

Any pregnant mother who is concerned with the well being of their unborn baby should consider going for ultrasounds, amniocentesis as well as CVS so as to confirm if their baby is safe from Cystic Hygroma.Early detection for such condition is good because this way a doctor can definitely help your situation so that you deliver safely. The earlier the cyst is identified the better because quick action can be taken in order to save the life of the fetus. It is usually said that prevention is better than cure, if you can avoid consuming alcohol while pregnant in order to save your unborn baby from cystic hygroma then you are definitely going to be the happiest mother.

If you learn through ultrasounds that you are going to deliver a baby with a defect like the cystic hygroma then you should make sure that you deliver nowhere other than the hospital. Because this particular birth defect can grow very large, it is advisable that you go through a cesarean section which may be safe for both you and the baby.This is why early detection of cystic hygroma is encouraged. A pregnant mother should also open up and be free to talk to their doctor about any problems she may experience.

Cystic Hygroma
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