Cystic Fibrosis Effects

Of the many diseases which may be detected at an early stage in life, cystic fibrosis is easily one of the most easily recognizable ones. Since this is a recursive disease, recognizing it early is essential. You will be able to recognize the cystic fibrosis effects easily enough. This is brought about when one of the genes in our body malfunctions. There is a thickening of the fluids in the body and it manifests itself in various forms.

Decreased growth and blocked sinuses are some of the cystic fibrosis effects. The patient will be eating adequately but when one sees the corresponding rate of growth, there will not be significant increase. cystic fibrosis effects gradually increase over time. The patient suffers worsening conditions and drugs are administered to keep a check on the growth of bacteria.

Because the condition is detectable at an early stage itself, one should check for this when the child is very small. Pre-Natal checks could tell you whether or not the child is affected with cystic fibrosis disease or not. As soon as cystic fibrosis effects are discovered in a child, he or she is started off on drugs for treating the condition. This would dramatically improve the life expectancy of the person.
cystic fibrosis newborn

Very salty skin is one of the cystic fibrosis effects. Another of the cystic fibrosis effects is the thickening of the fluids of the sinus. In fact the fluids all over the body are affected and one of the more predominant ones is the pancreatic fluid which is used for digesting food. The fluids obstruct the food and the pancreas becomes severely damaged. Damage to the pancreas is also one of the cystic fibrosis effects

Many of the cystic fibrosis effects will be seen right from childhood itself with symptoms of cystic fibrosis observed. Other than the digestive system, the respiratory tract is also affected. Infections occur which are because of the attack of the bacteria. Also, the absence of vasts deference is one of the cystic fibrosis effects. This may cause infertility in men.

Lung infections are one of the cystic fibrosis effects and when the condition becomes very bad, one may have to have a lung transplantation done. Cystic fibrosis effects can be detected very easily. Even when a child is born, one will be able to see that the child is not passing stools.

Improvements in the field of medicine and health care have changed the whole perspective. If previously one gave up hope today even though medicine still hasn’t found a cure for the medical condition, the patient will be able to live in a more comfortable lifestyle. This type of cystic fibrosis gene impairment is said to be hereditary. Though there are suppositions that the life style of the people could be the reason there is no concrete evidence to this effect. A good 10% to 13% of the western population is said to be affected by this disease. The life expectancy of the affected children has risen from 4 years to over 20 years in the past decade. Work is still going on to determine the exact cause of the disease.

Cystic Fibrosis Effects
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