Cystic Fibrosis CF

Cystic Fibrosis CF is genetic disease which is recessive. This means that the persons who are affected by this condition can avail of the treatment, but since there is no real cure, they will ultimately succumb to the disease. Symptoms of cystic fibrosis CF are typical and can be easily recognized. The person will be having good appetite but growth will be below normal. The mucus will turn thick and sticky. The patient will have frequent coughing and chest infections as result of cystic fibrosis effects. The absence of vas deferens can cause make infertility.

The first thing to look out for is the tone of the skin of the person. When a person is afflicted by cystic fibrosis CF, his or her skin turns salty. Cystic Fibrosis CF may be treated with antibiotics which will help in controlling the growth of bacteria in the affected organs. When cystic fibrosis CF worsens, the patient may have to go in for a lung transplant. When transplanting , both the lungs are transplanted. This is to prevent the possibility of an attack by bacteria which may be left in the remaining lung.
Cystic Fibrosis CF
In Europe and America, cystic fibrosis CF is one of the most common life- limiting disease and is usually detected at a small age itself. Cystic Fibrosis CF can be detected in children through a sweat test. Starting the child on therapy right away can improve the life expectancy. Cystic Fibrosis CF directly affects the lungs, blocking the passage with build up of viscous mucous. Complications will arise when the bacteria present in the mucus starts to grow too much it will cause pneumonia. This will lead to increased blood pressure and heart failure. There would be difficulty getting the oxygen to the different parts of the body necessitating the need for artificial aid.

Similarly when one is stricken by cystic fibrosis CF the sinuses become blocked because the fluids of the sinus become thick. Gastrointestinal problems could set in sometimes very early in life children would become affected because of the blocking of the intestines When this happens the child will fail to produces faeces This could lead to further complications.

The treatments available for cystic fibrosis CF has improved dramatically over the last fifty years or so. This is seen in the fact that the infant mortality rate has dropped and life expectancy has increased from a couple of years to 15 -20 years. In cystic fibrosis CF one will be able to see the thickening of the fluids of both the lungs and the pancreas. This is another important organ which helps in digesting the food. When the fluids thicken and begin to block the passage of food, the organ is damaged and becomes swollen. This is a condition known as Pancreatitis.

There are many speculations about the cause of the mutation of the cystic fibrosis genes. Weak hereditary strain is supposedly on top of the list of possible causes. Others say that the mutation was caused when people migrated to other places and married into another culture entirely. Of late the improved Health Care facilities available have led to a better life expectancy among the people.

Cystic Fibrosis CF
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