Cystic Fibro

Cystic Fibro ( or Cystic Fibosis ) is one of the inherited diseases. This is caused when the genes inherited from the parents are defunct. The body fluids lose their ability to retain their motility. Since the body is composed mostly of water, this kind of condition upsets the functioning of the body as a whole. It is also for this reasons that cystic fibro can affect almost all the parts of the body.

Cystic fibro causes the fluids in your body to become thick and sticky. They lose their watery and fluid substance and there begins all the problems. These are fluids which lubricate the entire internals and provide a smooth operating system. When the flow is lost, a lot of problems are likely to occur. Thickening of mucus will lead to the blocking of the air pathways and the lungs. This will lead to difficulties in breathing. When the condition prolongs the amount of bacteria in the mucus will increase causing serious infections.
cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibro is usually detected early through per-natal tests or tests done when the child is still small. The sweat test is the most effective. Nobody knows the origin of the cause of the cystic fibro disease. Medicine is still at work trying to determine the exact reasons for the onset of the disease. Some of the doctors put it down to poor eating habits while others are blaming inter racial marriage to be one of the causes.

Starting treatment for cystic fibro is recommended. This is because the disease will start to undermine the body and the organs leading to a progressive degradation. When the cystic fibro is advanced, several other diseases may also occur. Inability to breath properly will lead to several things like stroke and heart attack.

Just a couple of decades ago, children struck down with cystic fibro would hardly be expected to live through the year at the most. Now, several improvements in the methods of treatment and surgery have made it possible for these people to live for a decade or more. The only criterion is that the availability of health care services and the detection of the disease itself. When the pancreatic fluid begins to thicken, the digestion of the food is affected. This is the reason why the patients eat well but do not seem to gain from it. Patients with cystic fibro will always be undernourished and in poor physical health. It is very simple to recognise the signs and symptoms of cystic fibro. Other than the thickened fluids, the skin also loses its lustre and becomes very salty.

Coughing and lung infections are treated with antibiotics. Patients with advanced symptoms would need an artificial respirator or any other breathing aid. If the lung needs to be transplanted care should be taken to transplant both the lungs simultaneously. This would reduce the chances of infection and give the patient a better scope of recovery. It is when the gastrointestinal problems take hold that the patient is in real trouble. Several clinics around the world are taking steps to identify and bring this under control.

Cystic Fibro
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